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Tibet Mandala
mandala To share and promote interest in Tibetan culture, people and land



Daily Life

Dalai Lamas

Glossary: Geography

Amdo North Eastern Tibet
Drepung one of the three monastaries that encircle the Potala Palace
Ganden one of the three monastaries that encircle the Potala Palace
Jokhang center of Lhasa, built to strike the demoness's heart like a purbu.
The oldest and the most sacred temple built around 640 AD.
Mount Kailas/ Kang Rinpoche Jewel of the Snow.
It is believed to be the naval of the world, the physical point where the heavens unite with earth. It is also linked to Mount Meru, the mythological mountain at the center of the universe. It is wedded to Mapham Yumtso or Lake Manasarovar. It is also the mountain where the Buddhist yogin Milarepa and Bon shaman Naro Bonchung completed in duel of magic for possition of the mountain's coveted summit in 13th century. Milarepa won.
Khawachen the land of snowy mountains and healing hurbs - Tibetan name for Tibet
Lake Namtso sky lake.
It is wedded to Nyenchen Tanglha (mountain)
Lake Yumtso (Lake Mansarovar) Lake of invincible Consort.
It is wedded to Mount Kailas ( Kang Rinpoche). In Buddhist mythology, Buddha's mother bathed in the lake before giving birth.
Sera one of the three monastaries that encircle the Potala Palace
Tethys Sea Tibet was covered by the sea 20 million years ago.
Thak Khola Valley Nepal Tibetan refugee camp.
Yarlha Zampo mountain in the central of Yarlung Valley where the first king descended to rule.

Glossary: Daily Life

amchiherbal doctor
Cha creator of the universe.
The universe is created out of the five elements. The order of creationg: 13 layers of heaven and 13 layers of earth. Light and darkness evolved from the heaven and earth. Water and sky evolve from the light and darkness. Son and daughter evolve from the water and the sky. The son and the daughter is the ancester of gods. They sent the first king Nyatri Tsangpo down to eart by the ladders of rainbow light.
Chakporisoul of mountain of Vajrapani ( in Lhasa )
Chenrezigthe god of compassion and patron deity of Tibet.
His blessing created Tibet.
dakinis sky dancers; invisble femal deities who inhabit the air.
Dolma & Chenrerig their emanations was sent to Konpori (mountain) as a lonely female earth spirit and a celibate monkey.
They later united and have six children.
lu serpentlike water spirits lived at the bottom of the lakes, guarding secret treasures.
lungta windhorses.
Mandala a scred spot that is encircled in four directions.
mimayin spirits/creature exists in Tibet before Tibets
Morpori soul of mountain Chenrerig ( in Lhasa )
Pongwari soul of mountain of Manjushri ( in Lhasa )

The Dalai Lamas
I 1391 - 1475 Gedün Truppa
II 1475 - 1542 Gedüm Gyatso
III 1543 -1588 Sonam Gyatso
IV 1589 - 1617 Yonten Gyatso
V 1617 - 1682 Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso
VI 1683 - 1706 Tsangyang Gyatso
VII 1708 -1757 Kesang Gyatso
VIII 1758 - 1804 Jampel Gaytso
IX 1806 - 1815 Luntok Gyatso
X 1816 - 1837 Tsultrim Gyatso
XI 1838 - 1856 Khendrup Gyatso
XII 1856 - 1875 Trinley Gyatso
XIII 1876 - 1933 Thupten Gyatso
XIV 1935 - Tenzin Gyatso