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Tibet Mandala
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Sakya Sect

Sakya Trizin
His Holiness Sakya Trizin Ngawang Kunga

The Origin Of The Name "Sakya"
"Sakya" means grey earth. When Konchok Gyalpo of the Khon family built his monastery in the 11th century, the wall of the monastery was patched by grey earth. Later on both the monastery and the sect are called Sakya.

Sakya Trizin
The succession of the heads of the Sakya sect is distinctive from others. Instead of using the tulku system, namely the famous reincarnation system, the title Sakya Trizin is basically passed down hereditary inside the Khon family. Generally, the younger brother of the family marries, and the title was passed from uncle to nephew.

The Historial Relationships of Saky, Mongol and China
In the 13th century, Pagpa became the guru of Khubilai Khan, who was the emperor of both Mongol and the whole China. Until the end of the Mongol's ruling of China, a special relationship was formed between Tibet and China: the Sakya masters became the spiritual teachers of the Mongol khans, and the Mongol emperors in return gave temporal protection to Tibet.

Online Resources

Sakya Resource Guide
A very complete web site for Sakya resouces, includes an address book of the Sakya centers around the world.

Sakya Links at Quiet Mountain
A page links to some Sakya related projects, such as Sakyapa Nun's Project, and Sakya Fund.

The Sakya Foundation
Vereinsregister Duisburg - established 1997 by H.H. Sakya Trizin & H.E. Jetsun Chimey Luding