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Tibetan Culture

  1. Buddhist Symbols in Tibetan Culture : An Investigation of the Nine Best-Known Groups of Symbols
    • by Loden Sherab Dagyab Rinpoche, Maurice Walshe (Translator), Nov 1995.
  2. Female Buddhas: Women of Enlightenment in Tibetan Mystical Art
    • by Glenn H. Mullin , Clear Light Pub, October 2002.
    • Whereas the art of most Buddhist countries features a preponderance of male images, the art of Tibet has traditionally emphasized what the authors call "the strong role of the feminine." This book, one of the first Western titles ever to analyze this unique artistic tradition, is the companion volume to a touring art exhibit about female buddhas.
  3. Gesar! : The Wondrous Adventures of King Gesar (Tibetan Art and Culture Series)
    • by Zara Wallace, Published by Dharma Publishing, December 1991.
    • Paperback
  4. Reflections on Tibetan Culture : Essays in Memory of Turrell V. Wylie (Studies in Asian Thought and Religion, Vol 12)
    • by Lawrence Epstein, Richard F. Sherburne (Editor), Edwin Mellen Press, July 1990.
  5. The Seven Years in Tibet : Screenplay and Story Behind the Film (Newmarket Pictorial Moviebook)
    • by Jean-Jacques Annaud, Becky Johnston, David Appleby (Photographer), p Morrow. Newmarket Pr, November 1, 1997.
  6. Tibetan Folk Tales
    • by Fredrick Hyde-Chambers, Shambhala Pubns, May 1995.
    • These authentic Tibetan folklore narratives include myths of creation, stories of the origins of important deities and ancient rulers, parables, verses, riddles and proverbs. Gleaned from an ancient oral tradition, these 24 imaginative and wisdom-filled tales represent a spectrum of Tibetan life and will delight adults and children alike. Line drawings.
    • Paperback
  7. Tibetan Nomads : Environment, Pastoral Economy, and Material Culture (Carlsberg Nomad Series)
    • by Schuyler Jones, Ida Nicolaisen (Editor), Thames & Hudson, November 1, 1996
  8. Tibetan Portrait: The Power of Compassion
    • by Dalai Lama, Phil Borges(Photographer), Bstan-Dzin-Rgya-Mtsho. Rizzoli International Publications, May 1996
    • "Phil Borges conveys the quiet dignity and determination of the Tibetan people through his simple black-and-white photos. Each portrait is accompanied by a short description of the subjects, offering glimpses into their extraordinary lives. The book also features quotes of H.H. the Dalai Lama. This is a book that can be appreciated even by someone who does not know much about the Tibetan cause."
  9. Living Tibet: The Dalai Lama in Dharamsala
    • by Nanci Hoetzlein Rose and Bill Warren (photographer) Snow Lion; 1995.
  10. Tibet: Reflection from the Wheel of Life
    • by Carroll Dunham, Ian Baker, and Thomas L. Kelly (photographer) Abbeville; Nov. 1993.
    • "Much more than a fancy coffee table book, this book introducesvarious aspects of Tibetan lives, faiths, and culture through its essays and photos. It is definitely worth keeping."
  11. Treasures of Tibetan Art : Collections of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
    • by Barbara Lipton, Nima Dorjee Ragnubs; Published by Oxford Univ Press; Jan. 1996.
    • Hardcover / Paperback
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