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Tibet Mandala
mandala To share and promote interest in Tibetan culture, people and land

Mandala Online Bookstore


  1. Among Warriors : A Martial Artist in Tibet
    • by Pamela Logancean, Overlook Press, December 1, 1996.
  2. Lonely Planet Tibet (Tibet, 5th Ed)
    • by Bradley Mayhew, Monique Choy, J. Bellezza, Tony Wheeler.
    • Lonely Planet; 5th edition (May 2002)
  3. Mapping the Tibetan World
    • edited by Atsushi Kanamaru.
    • Kotan Publishing; (February 1, 2001)
  4. My Journey to Lhasa
    • by Alexandra David-Neel, Beacon Press, November 1, 1993.
  5. In the Kingdom of the Dalai Lama
    • by Archibald T. Steele, Print Pub, 1994.
  6. On Top of the World : Five Women Explorers in Tibet
    • by Luree Miller, Mountaineers Books, March 1, 1985.
  7. Tibet Handbook/a Pilgrimage Guide
    • by Victor Chan, Moon Pubns, August 1, 1994.
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  1. Ocean of Wisdom: Guidelines for Living
    • by the Dalai Lama, Clear Light, May 1991.
    • "This book collects excerpts of the Dalai Lama's speeches. Hiswords can be appreciated by people of all religions, and are definitelyworth reading and re-reading. Here is an example: 'Right from the momentof our birth, we are under the care and kindness of our parents. And thenlater on in our life, when we are oppressed by sickness and become old,we are again dependent on the kindness of others. And since at the beginningand end of our lives, we are so dependent on others' kindness, how canit be in the middle that we neglect kindness towards others?"
  2. Where Is Tibet? = Bod Ga Pa Yod Red = Poo Kabah Yoreh
    • Published by Snow Lion Pubns, May 1991.
    • Pema and Tashi, two Tibetan children, go on a spiritual journey to find their homeland. Each sentence is written first in the Tibetan alphabet, then phonetically as the Tibetan is pronounced, then in English.
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