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Tibet Mandala
mandala To share and promote interest in Tibetan culture, people and land

Mandala Online Bookstore


  1. The Anguish of Tibet
    • edited by Petra K. Kelly , Gert Bastian, and Pat Aiello. Parallax, Apr 1991.
    • "This book is a collections of speeches, eye witness accounts, testimonies, and investigative reports. It covers many aspects, including Tibet's legal status, human right situation and environmental condition,and reflects many viewpoints. Some of the descriptions, particularly those on human right violations, are truly painful to stomach, but are necessary to read if one wants to understand what goes on in Tibet and why people are struggling for her cause."
  2. Feminine Ground: Essays on Women and Tibet
    • edited by Janice D. Willis. Snow Lion, Oct 1995.
  3. Reflections on Tibetan Culture : Essays in Memory of Turrell V. Wylie (Studies in Asian Thought and Religion, Vol 12)
    • by Lawrence Epstein, Richard F. Sherburne (Editor), Edwin Mellen Press, July 1990.
  4. Traveller in Space : In Search of Female Identity in Tibetan Buddhism
    • by June Campbell, George Braziller, April 1, 1996.
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