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Tibet Mandala
mandala To share and promote interest in Tibetan culture, people and land

Other Web Resources about Tibet

If you know of any site not yet included here, please email the information to us.

The categories are only used to loosely characterize each site. Most sites certainly cover more than one categories.

Recent Events

Movie "Kundun" site
Movie "Seven Years in Tibet" site

Sites of Organizations

plces to check for things that you can do to help

Free Tibet
The International Campaign for Tibet
Committee of 100 for Tibet
Tibetan Women's Association
Friends of Tibetan Women's Association
Project Tibet
Tibet Foundation
Students For a Free Tibet
Helping Tibetan Refugee Children (in BIG5 Chinese)
Tibetan Culture and Community Service Center of Southern California
Voice of Tibet

Sites Devoted to Tibetan Religions

Tibetan Buddhism Study Center (in BIG5 Chinese)
Nyingma Centers
Dzogchen Foundation
Sakya Resource Guide
Karma Kagyu Buddhist Network
Kagyu Droden Kunchab
Kadampa Center
Ligmincha Institute
Ocean of Merit (in both English and Chinese)
Maitreya World (in English, Chinese, and five other languages)

Tibetans in Exile

Dalai Lama Home Page
The Office of Tibet in London

Collection of Interesting Articles

Magic of Tibet
GLOW Magazine
Ask the monks

Traveling Information

Classic Himalaya Travel (trekking tours operated by Chinese in California)
Destination: Himalaya (lots of practical information)
Flying Net Tour of Tibet (located in Taiwan, in BIG5 Chinese)

Arts, Photos, Sight and Sound of Tibet

The Mystical Arts of Tibet
Journey to Tibet (in BIG5 Chinese)
Tibetan Photographs
Early Tibetan Mandalas
I Love Tibet! (in English and Japanese with many sound clips)
World Youth News Special on Tibet (video, required RealPlayer)


The Magic Life of Milarepa
TIBETAN VOICES: A Photographic Book and Calendar Fund Raising Project


Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Snow Lion Publications
Shambhala Publications


Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library
Tibet Online Resource Gathering
Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism
Dictionary of CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) East Asian Buddhist Technical Terms
Web Dictionary of Buddhist Terms, by Charles Muller


Exploring the Mandala
H.H. Sakya Trizin in Australia
Tibet Central
Tibet Central Chat Room and Message Board
Reader Suggestion Sites