來信指教, 請寄電子郵件: mandala

mandala 歡迎和我們一起關懷西藏的文化、人民、與土地


十四世達賴喇嘛 (丹增嘉措) (1935-) Exiled spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan people. He is recognized as Dalai Lama incarnation at the age of 2 and assumed the full temporal powers at 16. In 1959 he left Tibet following the Lhasa Uprising against China. Since then he has conducted government-in-exile at Dharamsala in India. He has been successfully in working to preserve Tibetan religion and culture. A spritual leader who has impressed people around the world with his Buddhist message of peace and compassion.
頂果欽哲仁波切 (1910-91) Important Nyingma Master and exponent of Dzogchen meditation. He is recognized as the mind incarnation of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo. Studied under masters of all four schools and spent 20 years in retreat. Established retreat center in France. A great teacher to many famous Rinpoche, including the Dalai Lama.
郭珠仁波切 (1904-87) Late Supreme Head of the Nyingma sect. Outstanding yogi, terton, and meditation master. A meticulous scholar and prolific writer of more than 40 volumes elucidating the teachings and practice of the Nyingma lineage.
卡盧仁波切 (1905-1990)Recognized as tulku but not ordained until 13. Received complete transmission of teachings of Karma kagyu and Shangba Kagyu traditions. Found several meditation centers around the world. Gave kalachakra Empowerments during the visits to to US.
十六世大寶法王 (1923-1981) Late supreme head of the Karma Kagyu subsect.
薩迦崔津法王 (1945-) 41st Patriarch of Sakya sect and head of all the Sakya centers around the world. Considered an incarnation of Manjushri and Padmasambhava. Currently teaches in Europe.
索甲仁波切 (194?-) Author of the book "Tibetan book of living and dying." Currently directs centers in London, Paris, and Santa Cruz (CA, USA).specialty, working with hospices and near-death researchers.


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